Thursday, February 18, 2010

Follow Friday: Ginisology

Not to long ago, Gini posted a comment to my blog and so I went over and started reading her stories.  Before I knew it I had spent about 2 hours reading through all her stories.  Gini is a very good story teller and does a wonderful job preserving her family history and writing about others.... Meet Dr. Bill.  Since our initial post between each other's blogs, we have spent hours talking and sharing memories.  Gini don't give her self enough credit and I think she does a fantastic job, so stop on over and spend some time reading about Gini's family, family traditions and before long you will be hooked too.


  1. My dear friend Robin, thank you so much for such a special "Follow Friday" post. We do have a very special friendship that has grown and I am such a very blessed girl...I love ya! I can't wait to take you up on your invite to come out to Texas and hang out with you, Raegan and are such a special person. The day you left such a wonderful comment on my blog, you touched my heart forever, I knew you were a special lady and we were going to be friends, thank you dear friend.

  2. Great referral. I especially enjoyed the "Meet Dr. Bill" interview... Ha! ;-)

    Keep these ancestor stories coming!

    Bill ;-)
    Author of "13 Ways to Tell Your Ancestor Stories"

  3. Thanks for sharing Robin. These are two of my favorites also.