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Event Submission #4: Biography of Joseph Dougan

Winter 2010 GeneBloggers Event #5 Write, Write, Write ask that we write a brief biographical sketch on one of our ancestors.  This is my biographic submission for this event.
Joseph Dougan
Born:  abt 1840 somewhere in Indiana
Died:  3 October 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansa
Married:  Nancy Cron
12 April 1860
Spencer Co., Indiana

Records obtained show that Joseph and Nancy were married in Spencer Co., Indiana in 1860.  They had only one child:  Amanda Elizabeth Dougan (Clark).  Josephs wife Nancy is the daughter of Jon and Cron of Sumner Co., Tennessee and Maria Catherine Johnson of  Tennesse.  Both of her parents are buried somewhere in Spencer Co, Indiana.

One year to the date after Joseph and Nancy married the American Civil War began.  Records obtained show that Joseph enlisted on 14 Jan 1864 as a Private for the Union.  He served for the State of Indiana in Company A of the Indiana 1st Calvery, 28th Regiment.  He mustered out on 3 October 1864 in Pine Bluff Arkansa.  He died there in the hospital of diesease during the war.  At this time, I have not been able to locate a place of burial.  I am assuming that he is buried somewhere in PineBluff, Arkansas.  Nancy received a war pension after Josephs death.

Joseph's wife Nancy later remarried to Marcus Layfette Goodman on 15 January 1868 in Rockport, Spencer, Indiana and had 7 children together.  The couple migrated from Indiana, to Kansas and finally ended up in Oklahoma.  Nancy and Marcus are both buried at the Bristow Creek Cemetary in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma.

At this time, no information is known about Joseph's parents or whether he had any sibilings.  Documents in posession at this time are copies of the marriage license between he and Nancy and a copy of the pension papers that Nancy received after his death. 

Their daughter Amanda Elizabeth was born on 22 March 1862 in Spencer Co.,Indiana.  She married William Henry Clark of Indiana in 1878 in Labette Co., Kansas.  The couple moved from Kansas to Texas and finally settled in Fannin County.  They had a total of 13 children together.  Their daughter Alma Elizabeth Clark-Evans is my great-grandmother on my father's side. 

My grandmother tells of a story where "Grandpa Clark" as he was so called, had obtained a recipe from local traveling medicine shows for an ointment to cure cancer.  My grandmother still has the actual recipe he wrote down in her possession.  She said she can remember "Grandpa Clark" using the ointment and cutting cancer off of various members of town when she was a little girl, including "Grannie Clark". 
Photo given to me by my great-grandfather Clarence Evans
Place of photo unknown

The woman on the front row is Amanda Clark, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Dougan.  The men standing next to heron the left is her husband William Henry.  The others so the photo states are her sibilings.  It was not until recent that I relized they are not Clarks, they are Goodmans.  We do not know who the man is on the front.  It seems as if the photo had been cut at the bottom per the had writting on the back. (see next photo)
On the back of this photo there are actually 4 different handwrittings.
The title "Grannie Clark's brother's and sisters and then that in the lower right corner that says "Grandpa's Brother is that of my Grandmother (Granddaughter of Amanda).  The handwritting in the left corner that starts with "Grandpa Clark(Evans crossed out) is that of mine when I was about 15 when I first obtained this photo.  (I didn't know any better at the time) .  Then there is the handwritting that use the green ink and I am unsure who it belongs to or even what it says.  The handwritting that has everything circled is also unknown as to whom it belongs to.  However, if I could figure out who Susan is, I could narrow down the handwritting to her daughter.  But at this time, I don't know who Susan is.

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