Thursday, February 25, 2010


Galveston, TX
February 2010

In June of 2007 I happened to cross paths with a "Cowboy" by the name of Ronnie Walker.  In talking to him one could quickly tell he was unlike any other you would ever met.  For his age, he was far beyond his years.  Yet, I approached with caution because of past heartbreaks.

It didn't take long for Ronnie to steal my heart. 

Ronnie is truly unlike any man I have ever met.  On the outside he is tough, hard, and rough.  However, on the inside there is a softer side that most never see.  His heart is the size of Texas when it comes to children.  While most are telling them to "quiet down", he welcomes the sound of their laughter and play. 

When he is not on the road working, his daily routine begins at the "coffee shop" for the daily business meeting.  Thats "Cowboy talk" for "Bullshittin'" with the old cowboys and farmers. 

Ronnie don't do or say what everyone else does.  He does what he wants and there are only two things you can do..... "Love him", or "NOT."  It is the small things in life that he does that most seem to over look and never worry about.  I would never admit it to him, but he is usually right on "Most" things. 

He don't wine and dine with dimonds and fancy stuff, but I have more "MEMORIES" in three years, than most have in a "Life Time."

This man most call "WALKER" has walked into my life without so much as a warning and stole my heart.  I do not remember what life was like without him, but I know that I never want to know another day without him in it.

"Thank you babe, for being there"
I love you with all my heart

"Your Girl"


  1. Robin,
    What a loving and wonderful post you did for a very special guy...I am so happy you found each other! He's a good daddy to Raegan, and he seems like a rare and wonderful's to years of love, warmth, happiness and plenty of fun together my friend.

    I am looking forward to hanging out with you both in the near future!

  2. Robin,
    As you might know, I collect love stories --- love'm! And you, my friend, are living a love story! Much heart happiness to you!

  3. Beautiful! Hope you have many happy, healthy years sharing life together! :)

  4. Neat! May it last forever and ever! Amen!