Sunday, February 21, 2010

Madness Monday: "Who Are You"

This photo is the reason I started my search for who I am so many years ago.  While visiting my great-grandfather, he told me to go through his old photos in the drawer in the bedroom and take what I wanted.  As a little girl, I had always admired this photo and wanted to know who these people are. 

As I sat in the middle of the living room floor going through photos and asking who people were I once again decided to ask who these people were.  As my grandfather told me, I wrote on the back of the photo.  (I was young and didn't know better at the time).  The lady on the front row is Amanda Elizabeth Dougan Clark, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Dougan aka my gg grandmother.  I had always planned on naming my little girl after her, but it never worked out that way since I had both boys. 

"Grannie Clark's" brother's and sisters

That title was written by my grandmother, Amanda's granddaughter.  The handwritting on the left written in a totally different direction is that of mine as my grandfather began to tell me who people were.  There are two other handwrittings, that which is in green ink, and then the blue ink which is circled.  I have decided that these are actually not Clark Siblings, but instead Goodman siblings.  Amanda's mother Nancy became a widow during the Civil War when her husband died in Arkansas due to diesease.  She later remarried a man by the name of Marcus Goodman and they had several children together.  I have figured out a few of them, but I can not make out the green writting to the right of what says "Bill Clark".  I do not know who the elderly man in the front is either.  I also want to know who wrote:  "My Mom Susan".  I can not find a Susan on the goodman tree and don't know who she is.  Their identification has alluded me all these years.

Who are you?  How old is this photo?  Where was this picture taken?
No one knows, but one day I will figure it all out....

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  1. What a wonderful picture! You are so lucky to have as many identified as you do. Good luck in your search.

    Thank you for sharing-