Monday, February 15, 2010

Submission #6: 818 W. Bells Blvd, Bells, Texas

One of the task is to use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location and to create a map and embed it in your blog.  I did just that and more.  I expanded my research ability by remembering events and information given during a conversation that help led me to the information I was searching for.

Ok, Remember this barn from an earlier post....

Last year on Mothers Day, my son and I had all the rain we could handle for one week.  So he suggested that we get out and go take pictures.  I told him we couldn't due to the rain and he replied:  "So, you can still take pictures."  So, we got dressed, got my equipment and out the door we went with no plan of action in hand.  We ended up in Bells, TX in front of this barn where I grew up and have such fond memories.  I sat in the car as the rain came down and attempted to take a few shots from the car with my son's window down.  I happened to notice a local police officer drive by and he slowed down and put his break lights on as he passed me.  I then noticed that he was turning around.  I decided that he was probably coming back to check me out.   So, I did the smart thing and pulled into the driveway and decided to go knock on the door.

The lady of the house opened the door and with a grin I began explaning to her why I was there.  With a grin returned she offered to allow my son and I to enter her home and see how they had changed the house up.  Her and her husband were most gracious to allow me into her home, being a complete stranger.  The began telling me about buying the home and it being to small as their family grew and the remodeling they undertook some for more space, some because time and the prior owners had not been kind to the old house.

The remodeling was beautiful and they had done a wonderful job.  The front enterance and the back bedroom were still in tact and pretty much left alone other than a fresh coat of paint and new carpet and some new wiring.  We talked about how it looked before and the spot where a garden once grew.  They told me that when they moved in, there was a post sticking up and they tore it down.  They never new why it was there, only that grass would never grow.  The spot they mentioned was where the grapevine once stood.

This photo is of where the garden once grew I mentioned in yesterday's "Sentimental Sunday" post.  The bare spots that you see in the middle are where the grapevine once stood.  The tree line that you see to the left is where I use to stand to feed the cattle okra (LOL). 

Well, yesterday I played around with google map, trying to locate the actual spot.  However, I was unsuccessful.  I then began trying to locate someone who might know the actual address.  I called my grandmother since the farm belonged to her parents and she couldn't remember the address.  In my search I remember dog kennels being in the back yard where my swing once stood and a beautiful German Sheppard following me in the house.  They told me they raised German Sheppards.... (LIGHT COMES ON).  I googled "German Sheppard Kennel's in Bells, Texas".  BINGO!  I hit gold!  I emailed the owner of the website and told them I was not a stalker and if I had the wrong individual to PLEASE forgive my silly intrusion.  Laster that afternoon I received an email from the couple of the website telling me I had gotten the right people and I was more than welcome to come back and visit.  They have also graciously offered to allow me to take some of the barnwood to create a frame for my photo.

(Note:  Don't wait till your elders are to old to start asking questions.  Often times they loose preception of time and/or specific information that is important to your research.  ASK! ASK! ASK!  Each time you are with a group of elder family members get them talking about family events from the past.  It's best to take notes of who is in the group and record the conversation so you will not miss specific details.)
So here is the maps for the location of this barn:
Address:  818 W. Bells, Blvd, Bells TX

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The map above is stree view

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This map is the satalite view

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This last view is the terrain view of the area.

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