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Follow Friday: Roots'n'Leaves

Joan Hill
Ashland, Oregan

Recently, I had the pleasure of stopping by Roots'n'Leaves and absolutely "Falling In Love" with one of her stories.  Before I even realized it I had been swept away to some place and felt as though I had been sitting beside her all along. 

Her post titled:  "Sentimental Sunday: A Love Story at Burger King" is truly a love story that we don't hear about or see anymore.  To know that this "Love" still exsist after all these years, after all "BLING" is gone is truly a gift.  While reading her story, I could honestly see the couple as if they were standing if front of me.  When I reached the end, I so wanted it to continue and to know what happened next.

Please stop by and read Joan's post about a "Love Story at Burger King" and while your there stroll around and read some of her other stories.  I promise you wont be disappointed.

"Life is not measured by the number of breath's we take, but instead;
 by the number of moments that take our breath away"


Galveston, TX
February 2010

In June of 2007 I happened to cross paths with a "Cowboy" by the name of Ronnie Walker.  In talking to him one could quickly tell he was unlike any other you would ever met.  For his age, he was far beyond his years.  Yet, I approached with caution because of past heartbreaks.

It didn't take long for Ronnie to steal my heart. 

Ronnie is truly unlike any man I have ever met.  On the outside he is tough, hard, and rough.  However, on the inside there is a softer side that most never see.  His heart is the size of Texas when it comes to children.  While most are telling them to "quiet down", he welcomes the sound of their laughter and play. 

When he is not on the road working, his daily routine begins at the "coffee shop" for the daily business meeting.  Thats "Cowboy talk" for "Bullshittin'" with the old cowboys and farmers. 

Ronnie don't do or say what everyone else does.  He does what he wants and there are only two things you can do..... "Love him", or "NOT."  It is the small things in life that he does that most seem to over look and never worry about.  I would never admit it to him, but he is usually right on "Most" things. 

He don't wine and dine with dimonds and fancy stuff, but I have more "MEMORIES" in three years, than most have in a "Life Time."

This man most call "WALKER" has walked into my life without so much as a warning and stole my heart.  I do not remember what life was like without him, but I know that I never want to know another day without him in it.

"Thank you babe, for being there"
I love you with all my heart

"Your Girl"

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday: Abigail Smith (Bardin-Burleson)

Born:  20 Nov 1828 in Lawrence Co., Alabama
Died 25 June 1893 in Valley Springs, Llano Co., Texas

Abigail was the daughter of Abner Smith (1781-1872) from Warren Co., North Carolina and Sarah Rebecca Jackson (1785- ) of Tennessee.  At the age of 17 Abigail married Jesse James Bardin (1824-1869) of Pike Co., Alabama on 17 April 1845 in Lagrange, Llano Co., TX and had seven children.  After Jesse passed away in 1869, Abigail met Cummings Burleson and later married on 2 Nov 1876 in Lee Co., TX. 

In 1882 Abigail and Cummings opened their home in Valley Springs TX to the First Primative Baptist Church in the area.

All photos were orginally provided to me by Donna Chapman, Photo of Abigails Cabin was provided by Greg. 
All Rights Reserved 2010 by "Robin Inge aka Wolfhuntress2002"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Madness Monday: "Who Are You"

This photo is the reason I started my search for who I am so many years ago.  While visiting my great-grandfather, he told me to go through his old photos in the drawer in the bedroom and take what I wanted.  As a little girl, I had always admired this photo and wanted to know who these people are. 

As I sat in the middle of the living room floor going through photos and asking who people were I once again decided to ask who these people were.  As my grandfather told me, I wrote on the back of the photo.  (I was young and didn't know better at the time).  The lady on the front row is Amanda Elizabeth Dougan Clark, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Dougan aka my gg grandmother.  I had always planned on naming my little girl after her, but it never worked out that way since I had both boys. 

"Grannie Clark's" brother's and sisters

That title was written by my grandmother, Amanda's granddaughter.  The handwritting on the left written in a totally different direction is that of mine as my grandfather began to tell me who people were.  There are two other handwrittings, that which is in green ink, and then the blue ink which is circled.  I have decided that these are actually not Clark Siblings, but instead Goodman siblings.  Amanda's mother Nancy became a widow during the Civil War when her husband died in Arkansas due to diesease.  She later remarried a man by the name of Marcus Goodman and they had several children together.  I have figured out a few of them, but I can not make out the green writting to the right of what says "Bill Clark".  I do not know who the elderly man in the front is either.  I also want to know who wrote:  "My Mom Susan".  I can not find a Susan on the goodman tree and don't know who she is.  Their identification has alluded me all these years.

Who are you?  How old is this photo?  Where was this picture taken?
No one knows, but one day I will figure it all out....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: We Meet Again

Kristi, Kathyrn and ME
10 October 2007
Sheppard Airforce Base Air show
Wichita Falls, Texas

To most people a photo with their mom is not that big of a deal. 
However, to me it is!

You see, up until this particular week, I had not seen my mom in 33 years.  You heard me correctly.  When I was a little girl, her and my father divorced when I was 4.  I had not spoken to or seen her since. 

In Feb. of 2007 I had just moved to Wichita Falls and happened to be at lunch and my grandmother called.  She informed me that my dad had brought us a letter from our cousin Rene.  In the letter it told my father that she was looking for Robin and Krisit and if she didn't have the right person, to please forgive her.  If so, then she was hopping to contact us and if he didn't want to give us the letter she would understand.  Well, obviously he gave us the letter.

At first I was in shock and didn't know what to say, think or feel. 
When I went home that night, I sat down and wrote her a letter back and it wasn't very nice.  It stayed in the door of my car for months.  In late March, early April, I sat down to write another letter.  The next morning I gave it to my ex-mother in law and asked her to mail it for me.  Sometime in mid April I received a phone call shortly after I got home from Rene(my cousin).  We talked for a while that night and hung up.  The next night, we talked again and I also received a call from my mom.  I knew instantly who it was without her even telling me. 

In October of 2007, they all came to Texas to visit.  When I first saw her I was actually numb.  I was not sure how to feel or what to say.  I think for the first few days I actually walked around like a zombie.  I can't say that the visit was perfect and had a totally happy ending.  It didn't!  However, I can say that at the end of the visit I no longer had questions or regret.  It has taken the last 3 years for us to become friends.  However, I have not regrets nor hard feelings.  I can honestly say that when I leave this world that I am ok with it and no matter what I wont't leave wondering.....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Surname Saturday: Dougan


(note:  the following information came from the surname informaton and family facts)

Scottish and Irish: variant spelling of Dugan.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

The motto, Virtve et Valore ("By Virtue and Valor") is derived from Old English rather than from the Irish translation of Ó Dubhagáin, meaning "dark" or "black." The motto is derived from the Old English word dūgan (preterite-present: dēag ‘it is useful’, dugon ‘they are useful’, dohte ‘it was useful’). Other definitions include "to avail, to be of use, to serve"; Ðonne his ellea deah ("when his valour avails"); "to be fit or strong".

Other variations include:  Dugan, Duggan, O'Duggan, Douggan, Deugan and Dewgan
My link to the Dougan name come from my ggg grandfather Joseph Dougan on my father's side of the family though his mother.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Follow Friday: Ginisology

Not to long ago, Gini posted a comment to my blog and so I went over and started reading her stories.  Before I knew it I had spent about 2 hours reading through all her stories.  Gini is a very good story teller and does a wonderful job preserving her family history and writing about others.... Meet Dr. Bill.  Since our initial post between each other's blogs, we have spent hours talking and sharing memories.  Gini don't give her self enough credit and I think she does a fantastic job, so stop on over and spend some time reading about Gini's family, family traditions and before long you will be hooked too.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY: Alma & Gracie's Pitchers

Both of these pitchers belonged to very special women in my life...

The larger of the two belonged to Alma Elizabeth Clark(Evans) aka my great-grandmother.

the smaller pitcher belong to Grace Evans (Thompson) aka "Aunt Gracie" my great aunt.
Both of these women were very important in my life. 
When I was a little girl, I don't remember a day that the larger pitcher wasn't filled with "Sweet Tea".  Let me tell you, it was my favorite thing in the world to drink and she never went without.  I've used it several times, because it just brings back such sweet memories.  Every sunday after church that was the first thing she would make for me when we got home from church.  Several years ago, my grandmother gave me the pitcher and it sits a top a shelf above my fridge so family and friends can admire it, but it is always safe from harm.  The smaller of the two belonged to my great aunt Gracie.  Gracie is the baby sister of my great-grandmothers husband Clarence Evans.  First let me say that Gracie was the youngest of 7 and the ONLY girl.  She was full of spunk and meaness.  She was always pickin' at my grandpa and he at her.  I don't remember a time when they were together or even on the phone talking to each other that they weren't arguing.  
Both of these women were big parts of my life.  My great-grandmother taught me to cook, when to and not to pick vegetables from the garden.  (See earlier post on here for story), trust God, be a good mother, and LOVE.  The love that her and my grandfather shared was something you don't see everyday.  My great aunt taught me to sew, joke, play games on people and laugh.  She too also taught me how to cook.  Both women taught me how to crochett.  When I was a little girl, my great-grandmother taught me how to start it or "single chain" as they call it.  When I would get bored, I would sit and chain till I got tired and then rip it out and start all over.  One day when I was pregnant with my oldest son, my great aunt asked me if I wanted to learn how to make something with it instead of ripping it out.  So she showed me how to make a blanket.  So, I began making a baby quilt for my first child.  The night that I finally finished it, our electricity had gone out due to the weather.  So my grandmother got some old oil lanterns and I finished it like they would have in the old days.  It was kind neat to me to do it like that.  The funny part of this story is when I finished it, it fit a full size bed.  LOL!  My great aunt gave me the small pitcher when I moved into my first apartment after my divorce.  Shortly after that, she passed away.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but instead by the number of moments that take our breath away"

Monday, February 15, 2010


So here are the standing for team "Where I Come From" after 3 days of competion....

Can they move ahead?  Will they faulter?  No one knows.... we still have several days of competition and the hardest events for team "Where I Come From" are still ahead.  Organization, Backup files, and Citations.  Can they do it?  Only time will tell....

So far these are the Medal Standing for "Where I Come From"

Saturday, February 13, 2010:

Competed in Event #4:  Expand Your Knowledge
1-Task B:  Created a Time Line for Abigal Bardin
1-Task E:  Created a surname Visualization using Word It Out
1-Task C:  Created a Memorial Page for Alama Elizabeth Clark (Evans) My Great-Grandmother

Competed in Event #5:  Write, Write, Write: 
1-Task D: Write a brief Biographical sketch on one of your ancestors. (I wrote about Joseph Dougan)

Medal Total:  1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Competed in:   Event #5:  Write, Write, Write!
1-Task B:  Participate in a genealogy/family history blog carnical.  (GYR Carnival for March 2010:    Forgotten Cemetaries, my submission is on Beaver Creek Cemetary in Wichita County Texas)
1-Task D:  Write a brief Biographical sketch on one of your ancestors.  (I wrote about My Great-Grandfathers and his Farm)

Competed in:  Event #6 Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
2-Task A:  Comment on a New to ME Genealogy Blog  (Glenview Public LibraryHellenic Genealogy Geek,)
3-Task G:  Use Follow Feature on a Blogger-based genealogy blog to follow one or more:  (Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog, GYR of South Alameda County,) 
1-Task D:  Assist another researching with a request or lookup. (I helped my boss locate her Grandfather's burial site.  He was buried at the National Cemetary in Houston)
1-Task F:  Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.  (Joined the North Texas Genealogical Association.  (in progress invitation to luncheon on Saturday with DAR, have not counted yet)

Daily Medal Total:  2 Silver and 1 Platinum
Monday, February 15, 2010
Competed in: Event #6 Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness                
1-Task C: Invited Deborah A., from "The Sum of All My Research to GeneaBloggers.
1-Task A:  Commented on a "NEW TO ME" Blog  The Sum of All My Research
1-Task G:  Use the follow me feature on a blogger-based genealogy blog, The Sum of All my Research

Competed in:  Event #4 Expand Your Knowledge
1- Task A:  Use Google Maps and embed into your blog.  (I actually did this twice.  The second time I noticed someone placed a photo of a house at street level on GeneaBloggers.  Didn't know it did that.  So I went back and played a little more and then posted an update with several street level photos of the old family farm.)

Competed in Event #5:  Write, Write, Write!
1-Task F:  Participate in a 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge(Used Google Earth and posted my findings)
4-Task C:  Prepare Several post in draft mode and pre-publish  (I drafted two post for Wordless Wednesday to publish tomorrow night at 11:59pm and then I drafted 1 post for Tombstone Tuesday to publish tonight at 11:59pm and then finally the updated post I did for the Google Map event, I drafted it to post later this evening around 5pm.

Daily Medal Total:  1Bronze, 1Gold and 1 Platinum

Overall 3 Day Total:  2 Gold, 2 Bronze, 2 Silver and 2 Platinum

Well, overall we are looking good, but need to work harder on the other 3 Competitions to get ahead of the game.  Stay tuned for updates, now back to GeneaBloggers for more news.

Submission #7: More Google Maps

So This morning I posted some maps that showed the location of my great-grandfather's old farm.  Little did I know that you could see street view.  (Thanks Cyndi for posting your photo on FB, otherwise I would have never know to look)  So, here are the street views of the farm NOW!

This is the view of the barn and the fence line as you come in from Sherman, TX

As you drive up to the house this is the view you will see.  On the other side of the short wooden fence, is where the garden was and went all the way back to the fence where it blocked the cattle in... (unless some little redheaded, 4 year old let them out).  Wonder who that was?  Bet she got into lots of trouble....

View Larger Map

View Larger Map

This is the way the old house looks now. Orginally it was white and had a small porch off the ground and had a few steps leading up to the porch. Where the car is now, there use to be a carport that had a small tool room on it. To the left of the drive was is where the garden once stood. Just behind the house was the wheeping willow and the mimosa tree and my swing. You can't see it, but just behind the house is the creek. I remember my grandmother running out of the house one day with a hoe while I was swinging and it looked like she was coming straight for me. At the age of 4-5, seeing a old lady runing toward you wish a how is a little fighting. Well, after all the tears and screaming was over, I discovered she was after a "Cotton Mouth" just under the seat next to me.

So with this, I have completed my 7th submission for the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games and Challenge #7 for 52 Weeks To Better Genealogy hosted by:  Amy Coffin.

Submission #6: 818 W. Bells Blvd, Bells, Texas

One of the task is to use Google Maps to map out an ancestral location and to create a map and embed it in your blog.  I did just that and more.  I expanded my research ability by remembering events and information given during a conversation that help led me to the information I was searching for.

Ok, Remember this barn from an earlier post....

Last year on Mothers Day, my son and I had all the rain we could handle for one week.  So he suggested that we get out and go take pictures.  I told him we couldn't due to the rain and he replied:  "So, you can still take pictures."  So, we got dressed, got my equipment and out the door we went with no plan of action in hand.  We ended up in Bells, TX in front of this barn where I grew up and have such fond memories.  I sat in the car as the rain came down and attempted to take a few shots from the car with my son's window down.  I happened to notice a local police officer drive by and he slowed down and put his break lights on as he passed me.  I then noticed that he was turning around.  I decided that he was probably coming back to check me out.   So, I did the smart thing and pulled into the driveway and decided to go knock on the door.

The lady of the house opened the door and with a grin I began explaning to her why I was there.  With a grin returned she offered to allow my son and I to enter her home and see how they had changed the house up.  Her and her husband were most gracious to allow me into her home, being a complete stranger.  The began telling me about buying the home and it being to small as their family grew and the remodeling they undertook some for more space, some because time and the prior owners had not been kind to the old house.

The remodeling was beautiful and they had done a wonderful job.  The front enterance and the back bedroom were still in tact and pretty much left alone other than a fresh coat of paint and new carpet and some new wiring.  We talked about how it looked before and the spot where a garden once grew.  They told me that when they moved in, there was a post sticking up and they tore it down.  They never new why it was there, only that grass would never grow.  The spot they mentioned was where the grapevine once stood.

This photo is of where the garden once grew I mentioned in yesterday's "Sentimental Sunday" post.  The bare spots that you see in the middle are where the grapevine once stood.  The tree line that you see to the left is where I use to stand to feed the cattle okra (LOL). 

Well, yesterday I played around with google map, trying to locate the actual spot.  However, I was unsuccessful.  I then began trying to locate someone who might know the actual address.  I called my grandmother since the farm belonged to her parents and she couldn't remember the address.  In my search I remember dog kennels being in the back yard where my swing once stood and a beautiful German Sheppard following me in the house.  They told me they raised German Sheppards.... (LIGHT COMES ON).  I googled "German Sheppard Kennel's in Bells, Texas".  BINGO!  I hit gold!  I emailed the owner of the website and told them I was not a stalker and if I had the wrong individual to PLEASE forgive my silly intrusion.  Laster that afternoon I received an email from the couple of the website telling me I had gotten the right people and I was more than welcome to come back and visit.  They have also graciously offered to allow me to take some of the barnwood to create a frame for my photo.

(Note:  Don't wait till your elders are to old to start asking questions.  Often times they loose preception of time and/or specific information that is important to your research.  ASK! ASK! ASK!  Each time you are with a group of elder family members get them talking about family events from the past.  It's best to take notes of who is in the group and record the conversation so you will not miss specific details.)
So here is the maps for the location of this barn:
Address:  818 W. Bells, Blvd, Bells TX

View Larger Map

The map above is stree view

View Larger Map

This map is the satalite view

View Larger Map
This last view is the terrain view of the area.

Madness Monday: The search for Joseph Dougan

So for the past year, I have been searching for information on My ggg grandfather Joseph Dougan.  The only information that I have been able to come up with is that he served for the Union in the Civil War for the state of Indiana.  Through an online contact, I have been able to acquire his marriage license and the pension papers his wife Nancy Cron Dougan received after his death.  He and Nancy had one daughter, Amanda Elizabeth Dougan (my gg grandmother).  So, I will show you the information I have and see if you can come up with anything....
Marriage License
Joseph Dougan
Nancy Elizabeth Cron
12 April 1860
Spencer Co., Indiana
by:  John F. Thomas, Jr.
The marriage license states that the filed for the license on 9 April 1860.  The license was filed on the 13th day of April 1860.  However, at the bottom where the Clerk signs it the date is Jan. 31, 1865
Why is this document signed 5 years later?

Source Citation: Title: Spencer County, Indiana, Index to Marriage Record 1850 - 1920 Inclusive Vol, Original Record Located: County Clerk's Office Roc; Book: 4;Page: 338.

Declaration for Widow's Army Penison (Page 1)
Document Dated:  31 Jan 1865
This document states that Nancy and her daughter(of Joseph) are residents of Rockport, Spencer, Indiana.  It also states on this particular page, that Joseph enlisted on 4th Day of January 1864, in Rockport, Indiana as a Private in Company F, Commanded by Capt. James A Pine in the 28th Regiment of the Indiana Volunteers, 1st Calvery and while in service died in the hospital of disease at Pine Bluff, Arkansas on the 3rd of October of 1865. (think this is a mistake on the year).  This document also verifies that they were married on the 12th of April 1860 in Spencer Co., Indiana.  It goes on to talk about their only daughter Amanda Elizabeth Dougan and that she was born 22 March 1862. 
Declaration of Widow's Army Pension (Page 2)
On the second page of this document it shows that a Jonas Shaffer and a James R. Johnson of Rockport, Indiana as witness on behalf of Nancy and swore to the information given.
Question:  How can Joseph have died on 3 Oct 1865 and the document be dated 31 Jan 1865.
I contacted my cousin who provided these papers to me and she stated that Nancy filed for the pension on 7 Feb 1865.  The Surgeon General Office Record & Pension Burea says he died on 3 October 1864 in the Post Hospital at Pine Bluff, Ark of Chronic Dysentery.
This part of the document also states that Joseph died on 3 October 1865, but in Little Rock, Ark of disease. 

On, I located the following information:

U.S. Civil War Soldier Records & Profiles

Name: Joseph Dugan

[Joseph Dougan]
Residence: Rockport
Enlistment Date: 1 Nov 1864
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Indiana
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company A, Indiana 1st Cavalry Regiment on 11 Jan 1864.
Mustered out on 03 Oct 1864 at Pine Bluff, AR.
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana

Source Information:

Historical Data Systems, comp.. U.S. Civil War Soldier Records and Profiles [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2009. Original data: Data compiled by Historical Data Systems of Kingston, MA from the following list of works.

Copyright 1997-2009
Historical Data Systems, Inc.
PO Box 35
Duxbury, MA 02331

The last bit of information also comes from and states the following:
US Civil War Soldiers 1861-1865
Name: Joseph Dougan
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Indiana
Regiment Name: 1 Indiana Cavalry
Regiment Name Expanded: 1st Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
Company: F,A
Rank In: Private
Rank In Expanded: Private
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Expanded: Private
Film Number: M540 roll 20

Source Information:

National Park Service. U.S. Civil War Soldiers, 1861-1865 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2007. Original data: National Park Service, Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System, online , acquired 2007.

So, my questions are:
1.  What year did Joseph Dougan died?  1864 or 1865
2.  Who are his parents? 
3.  Where is Joseph buried?  so far, my search has come up empty handed

Jospeh's wife Nancy later remarried of Marcus Layfette Goodman in Rockport, Indiana on the 15th of Jan 1868.  Nancy and Marcus had 7 children and eventually moved to Oklahoma.  Nancy and Marcus are buried at Bristow Cemetary in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma.
Nancy Elizabeth Cron (Dougan-Goodman)
28 Jan 1844 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, USA
24 May 1921 in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma, USA

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday


Since today is Valentines and the 1st Anniversary of "Where I Come From", I wanted to give you a look into one of my fondest memories growing up. 

When my parents divorced, my dad, sister and I moved in with my great-grandparents.  They had a small farm located in Bells, TX.  The farm was located on HWY 82 in Bells,TX.  However, since they have built a new HWY82, they have now changed it to HWY 56.  The farm is can be located by looking for the Lion's Club sign at the start of the fence line, it will be on the right side as you heading east.

See the green grass in front of the fence line?  my grea-granmother Alma had okra right there.  I remeber many times going out with her to pick vegitables for dinner.  Often times if the okra had gotten to large, she would tell me to throw it over to the cows.  I would ask her why we were feeding it to the cows and she would tell me that it was to tough for us to eat. 

One afternoon, I was apparently bored.  Everyone was laying down taking a nap or dotting over little sister.  So I went out to play and be quiet so she could sleep.  I decided to go and play with the cows.  I had been picking okra as my grandmother did and non of the wanted to come to the fence at that particular moment.  So I did what every little 5 year old would do and go to them.  LOL!  Well, my plan worked!  They loved the okra and came to me.  Only problem was, they followed me right out the fence.  I at the time didn't see any problem with it.  However, I got bored and ran to play somewhere else and left them to fend for themselves. 

The phone rang and it was our neighbor, he was calling my grandfather to tell him his cattle was out.  Papa only thought it was our nasty bull who found his way out,  Oh, No!  It was all of them.  I don't remember the exact head count, but I can tell you it was a bunch.  My Papa and my dad went out and with the help from our neighbor and his 3 sons and a couple others, they managed to round them all back up.  As they brought them in, I was told to hold the fence.  LOL!  So I would stand in front of the gate and hollar "Shew Cow, Shew!  There was one particular that didn't like me saying that to her and she came at me, so up the tree I went.  She got out again..... OOPS!  I could hear my Papa hollarin' for me, but I decided that up in the tree was the best place for me.

Later that afternoon, after all the men had rounded up the cattle they ALL came lookin' for me and asked me if I knew how they got out.  I simply told them I had been feeding them okra and they walked through the fence.  As you can imagine that didn't go over well.  So off the the wheeping willow tree I was sent to locate an apporpriate switch.  I had to make yet again, several trips as I would always come back with the smallest, finest, and tinyest branch I could find.  Each time, Papa would send me back for a bigger one. 

I get it now Papa! 

1st Anniversary

Well, we made it!  It's our 1st Anniversary!
For those of you who are just now stopping by, let me tell you how this all happened.

This time last year I was working on my family tree and had discovered research "outside the box" of  Up until that point, that was the only place I knew to look for records and other documents and information.  I was curious about a town called Delba, TX where my grandmother was born, so I did what every "smart" person would do, I googled it.  I had already been blogging at this time, but only had one personal blog.  Somehow, I typed the right combination of words in and I found Creative Gene.  As I read through the blog I was amazed at all the stuff that was out there in our computer world.  I then started reading more blogs and before the evening was over, "Where I Come From" was created. 

One of the blogs talked about the fact that our younger generations were not interested in paper chasing and dead people. We needed to find someway to get them involved and interested in what we were doing.  The most logical way was through computers.  In our computerized world, everyone uses a computer.  So, I did it!  Now "Where I Come From" can be a lasting memory for my children and future grandchildren to see where they came from too.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Submission #5: Alma Elizabeth Clark

One of the task is to create a Memorial Page on Footnote's Create A Page or the Facebook Application I Remember.  So I did!

(Note:  FB application would not work for me.  So I loaded it through Footnote's website first.  Then I uploaded it to FB.)

Within this page, I have been able to load photos, stories and information for other's to see and create yet another page for my genealogical history for others to view.  For me sharing a piece of the past is exciting and I hope to be able to help other's in their search for their links to my family.  I have also learned yet another source of information for my searches that may help with those dreaded "BRICK WALLS".

Event Submission #4: Biography of Joseph Dougan

Winter 2010 GeneBloggers Event #5 Write, Write, Write ask that we write a brief biographical sketch on one of our ancestors.  This is my biographic submission for this event.
Joseph Dougan
Born:  abt 1840 somewhere in Indiana
Died:  3 October 1864, Pine Bluff, Arkansa
Married:  Nancy Cron
12 April 1860
Spencer Co., Indiana

Records obtained show that Joseph and Nancy were married in Spencer Co., Indiana in 1860.  They had only one child:  Amanda Elizabeth Dougan (Clark).  Josephs wife Nancy is the daughter of Jon and Cron of Sumner Co., Tennessee and Maria Catherine Johnson of  Tennesse.  Both of her parents are buried somewhere in Spencer Co, Indiana.

One year to the date after Joseph and Nancy married the American Civil War began.  Records obtained show that Joseph enlisted on 14 Jan 1864 as a Private for the Union.  He served for the State of Indiana in Company A of the Indiana 1st Calvery, 28th Regiment.  He mustered out on 3 October 1864 in Pine Bluff Arkansa.  He died there in the hospital of diesease during the war.  At this time, I have not been able to locate a place of burial.  I am assuming that he is buried somewhere in PineBluff, Arkansas.  Nancy received a war pension after Josephs death.

Joseph's wife Nancy later remarried to Marcus Layfette Goodman on 15 January 1868 in Rockport, Spencer, Indiana and had 7 children together.  The couple migrated from Indiana, to Kansas and finally ended up in Oklahoma.  Nancy and Marcus are both buried at the Bristow Creek Cemetary in Bristow, Creek, Oklahoma.

At this time, no information is known about Joseph's parents or whether he had any sibilings.  Documents in posession at this time are copies of the marriage license between he and Nancy and a copy of the pension papers that Nancy received after his death. 

Their daughter Amanda Elizabeth was born on 22 March 1862 in Spencer Co.,Indiana.  She married William Henry Clark of Indiana in 1878 in Labette Co., Kansas.  The couple moved from Kansas to Texas and finally settled in Fannin County.  They had a total of 13 children together.  Their daughter Alma Elizabeth Clark-Evans is my great-grandmother on my father's side. 

My grandmother tells of a story where "Grandpa Clark" as he was so called, had obtained a recipe from local traveling medicine shows for an ointment to cure cancer.  My grandmother still has the actual recipe he wrote down in her possession.  She said she can remember "Grandpa Clark" using the ointment and cutting cancer off of various members of town when she was a little girl, including "Grannie Clark". 
Photo given to me by my great-grandfather Clarence Evans
Place of photo unknown

The woman on the front row is Amanda Clark, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Dougan.  The men standing next to heron the left is her husband William Henry.  The others so the photo states are her sibilings.  It was not until recent that I relized they are not Clarks, they are Goodmans.  We do not know who the man is on the front.  It seems as if the photo had been cut at the bottom per the had writting on the back. (see next photo)
On the back of this photo there are actually 4 different handwrittings.
The title "Grannie Clark's brother's and sisters and then that in the lower right corner that says "Grandpa's Brother is that of my Grandmother (Granddaughter of Amanda).  The handwritting in the left corner that starts with "Grandpa Clark(Evans crossed out) is that of mine when I was about 15 when I first obtained this photo.  (I didn't know any better at the time) .  Then there is the handwritting that use the green ink and I am unsure who it belongs to or even what it says.  The handwritting that has everything circled is also unknown as to whom it belongs to.  However, if I could figure out who Susan is, I could narrow down the handwritting to her daughter.  But at this time, I don't know who Susan is.

Event Submission #3: Forgotten Cemeteries Submission for the Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal

Well once again I am rapidily working on my events for the Winter 2010 Geneblogger Games. 

Event #5 Write, Write, Write!  One of the task is to in one of the genealogy or family history related blog carnivals.  So my submission went in for the March 2010 Graveyard Rabbit Online Journal, Forgotten Cemeteries.  This topic was given to Graveyard Rabbit by Tina Michael Ruse of  Campo Santo-holy ground, The Graveyard Rabbit of Alta California.  Submissions are due by:  February 25, 2010.  You can view the sumbitted article at Graveyard Rabbits of Wichita County Texas.

Last year I kept hearing about "Beaver Creek Cemetary which is located outside of Electra, Texas just off of HWY 25.  The Cemetary is very secluded and grown up.  One might not even notice it when driving by as Cattails cover the fence line near the enterance and the headstones are set back up on a hill.  Most people have told me NOT to visit during the warmer months as the cemetary is home to many large rattlesnakes.  If your not from Texas and don't know about them, they are nothign to mess with.

On 19 May 2009 my youngest son and daughter ventured out with me to see what Beaver Creek Cemetary was all about.  That particular day was cloudy, wet and cool, so no rattlesnakes happend to appear that day.  However, we did come upon a couple of our little Graveyard Rabbits lerking about.  As I was walking in the tall grass, I almost stepped on one of the little guys. 

The condition of this cemetary broke my heart.  Headstones that have fallen over are thrown in a pile near the fence and we have no idea where they belong.  The grass is grown up to where you can hardly see some of the small markers.  Then there are even markers that have tree's grown up around them where it makes it almost impossible for the NON-Graveyard Rabbit to view. 

After visiting the cemetary, I placed a call to one of the local Funeral Homes in Wichita Falls, TX and spoke to a very polite lady on the other end of the phone.  I told her my crazy story and why I was looking for the information and within a few days she called me back with the name of the caretaker for the Cemetary and his phone number.  At this time, I have not been able to reach him.

Submission #2-My Family - Word clouds - WordItOut

My Family - Word clouds - WordItOut

Well, I am rappidly working through my events and completing as many of the task as possible on Day 1. Here is my second submission for the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games. This event is #4 Epand You Knowledge. The Task is to complete a surname visualization using Wordle or Word It Out. I have choosen Word It Out for this competiton. I already have a surname visualition posted in my sidebar from Wordle and didn't think that it would be fair to use that one since it was created at the beginning of Where I Come From.

Surname Partial Listing:
Faleris(Faleri-Greek Lineage)
Scopis (Sgoupakou-Greek Lineage)

Submission #1- Time Line for the Life of Abigail Smith Bardin-Burleson

Here is my entry for my first competition in the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games, one of my events requires me to create and publish a timeline through TimeToast.  I was not able to embed the timeline into my post, but have included a link to the timeline.  Just click on the title to take you to the time line.

This submission is for Event #4:  Expand Your Knowledge.  The taks is to create a timeline for a specific ancestor and then publish it on your blog.

One of the most interesting facts about Abigail is that her and her second husband Cummings Burleson opened their home in 1882 to hold services.  Abigail and Cummings are credit for the creation of the First Primitaive Baptist Church in Llano Co., TX.


Opening Ceremonies:  Saturday, February 13, 2010
Closing Ceremonies:  Saturday, February 28, 2010

1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources (Participating)
2.  Back up You Data (Participating)
3.  Organize your Research (Participating)
4.  Expand You Knowledge (Participating)
5.  Write, Write, Write (Participating)
6.  Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness (Participating)

I have choosen my first event (GO BACK AND CITE YOUR SOURCES) because while I have a lot of information, I don't have all of it cited properly or even cited at all.  So, I need to spend some time making sure that I have everything documented properly.  I plan to organize my documents by types and then going from there to cite properly.  I need to go check out "How to Cite Sources by John Wiley before I get started and make some notes to see how each type of source is correctly documented.

Second I choose (BACK UP YOUR DATA) because sadily to say:  " I HAVE NO INFORMATION BACKED UP"!  So If there were to be a fire, flood or some other random act of Mother Nature (like maybe the roof cave in due to the weight of the snow) I would loose EVERYTHING!  That would not be a good thing.  Recently I added a new antivirus software to my computer and it comes with secure online data storage for backing up files.  So the first thing I plan to do is create a back up and store it at the online site.  The next thing I will do is back up all my photos to CD's and place them in a fireproof safe at my moms house.  I will also back them up on my flashdrive and my external drive.  Recently my mom's computer obtained a virus and she may have lost all her family research documents and photos if the computer guy can't extract the files.  (NOT GOOD)!  My next chore is to get all my photos scanned in and organized for safe keeping.  For the last three years all photos have been digital, but I have some that are not and trust me I will cry if I loose them, because some of the photos are 100+ years old. 

Now for the (ORGANIZE YOUR RESEARCH)!  This one is going to be a challenge, but I know I can do it.  While I have spend the last three solid years doing major research and taking notes; I have not organized them into any sort of logical system.  I have nots on notebook papers, napkins, tablets and you name it.  So I need to get a comprehensive list of what I have and go from there.  I plan on starting a spreadsheet or database that will tell me exactly what documents I have and what I still need for each individual.

Now (EXPAND  YOUR KNOWLEDGE)... this one is going to be good.  Last Christmas, I actually started venturing outside of the box.  Up until Christmas 2008, I had only researched that information which I could find within the walls of the site.  If it wasn't there, then I didn't have it or know it exsisted.  While talking to my grandmother one day I realized I didn't know where she was born.  So, I asked the simple question:  "Grandma, Where were you born?"  She replied:  "Delba, TX".  Yeah, that was my reaction too.  I had no clue where it was.  So when I asked she informed me it was close to Sherman, TX, but it no longer exsisted because it was leveled by a tornado.  So I began researching the town and sure enough a massive tornado had destoryed everything in its path and Delba was no more.  The only thing that stands there now is a little cemetary.  Since that day, I have discovered other sources of information and learned to think outside of the " Box".  So this challenge will be fun.

Now for the WRITE, WRITE, WRITE catagory!  I have been so wrapped up in school work, I have lost touch with my blog.  So this one will help get me jump started to get something going.  I plan on completeing at least 3 of the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge for this one.

Lastly, we have the Reach Out & Perform Genealoical Acts of Kindness.  WOW!  What an easy one this is.  Everyday, someone in the Genealogical World, others are helping perfect strangers to find some long, lost dead realitive and never thinking twice about the time spend searching.  This one will be a fun too.  I plan on doing some searching for headstone markers for Find-a-Grave and I alo want to reknew my offer to look up obituaries here in Wichita Falls.

So, grab your morning coffee, slippers, blanket and snuggle up and get ready for the fun and excitement of the Winter 2010 Geneablogger Games!