Monday, February 15, 2010


So here are the standing for team "Where I Come From" after 3 days of competion....

Can they move ahead?  Will they faulter?  No one knows.... we still have several days of competition and the hardest events for team "Where I Come From" are still ahead.  Organization, Backup files, and Citations.  Can they do it?  Only time will tell....

So far these are the Medal Standing for "Where I Come From"

Saturday, February 13, 2010:

Competed in Event #4:  Expand Your Knowledge
1-Task B:  Created a Time Line for Abigal Bardin
1-Task E:  Created a surname Visualization using Word It Out
1-Task C:  Created a Memorial Page for Alama Elizabeth Clark (Evans) My Great-Grandmother

Competed in Event #5:  Write, Write, Write: 
1-Task D: Write a brief Biographical sketch on one of your ancestors. (I wrote about Joseph Dougan)

Medal Total:  1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Competed in:   Event #5:  Write, Write, Write!
1-Task B:  Participate in a genealogy/family history blog carnical.  (GYR Carnival for March 2010:    Forgotten Cemetaries, my submission is on Beaver Creek Cemetary in Wichita County Texas)
1-Task D:  Write a brief Biographical sketch on one of your ancestors.  (I wrote about My Great-Grandfathers and his Farm)

Competed in:  Event #6 Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness
2-Task A:  Comment on a New to ME Genealogy Blog  (Glenview Public LibraryHellenic Genealogy Geek,)
3-Task G:  Use Follow Feature on a Blogger-based genealogy blog to follow one or more:  (Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog, GYR of South Alameda County,) 
1-Task D:  Assist another researching with a request or lookup. (I helped my boss locate her Grandfather's burial site.  He was buried at the National Cemetary in Houston)
1-Task F:  Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.  (Joined the North Texas Genealogical Association.  (in progress invitation to luncheon on Saturday with DAR, have not counted yet)

Daily Medal Total:  2 Silver and 1 Platinum
Monday, February 15, 2010
Competed in: Event #6 Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness                
1-Task C: Invited Deborah A., from "The Sum of All My Research to GeneaBloggers.
1-Task A:  Commented on a "NEW TO ME" Blog  The Sum of All My Research
1-Task G:  Use the follow me feature on a blogger-based genealogy blog, The Sum of All my Research

Competed in:  Event #4 Expand Your Knowledge
1- Task A:  Use Google Maps and embed into your blog.  (I actually did this twice.  The second time I noticed someone placed a photo of a house at street level on GeneaBloggers.  Didn't know it did that.  So I went back and played a little more and then posted an update with several street level photos of the old family farm.)

Competed in Event #5:  Write, Write, Write!
1-Task F:  Participate in a 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge(Used Google Earth and posted my findings)
4-Task C:  Prepare Several post in draft mode and pre-publish  (I drafted two post for Wordless Wednesday to publish tomorrow night at 11:59pm and then I drafted 1 post for Tombstone Tuesday to publish tonight at 11:59pm and then finally the updated post I did for the Google Map event, I drafted it to post later this evening around 5pm.

Daily Medal Total:  1Bronze, 1Gold and 1 Platinum

Overall 3 Day Total:  2 Gold, 2 Bronze, 2 Silver and 2 Platinum

Well, overall we are looking good, but need to work harder on the other 3 Competitions to get ahead of the game.  Stay tuned for updates, now back to GeneaBloggers for more news.

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