Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TREASURE CHEST THURSDAY: Alma & Gracie's Pitchers

Both of these pitchers belonged to very special women in my life...

The larger of the two belonged to Alma Elizabeth Clark(Evans) aka my great-grandmother.

the smaller pitcher belong to Grace Evans (Thompson) aka "Aunt Gracie" my great aunt.
Both of these women were very important in my life. 
When I was a little girl, I don't remember a day that the larger pitcher wasn't filled with "Sweet Tea".  Let me tell you, it was my favorite thing in the world to drink and she never went without.  I've used it several times, because it just brings back such sweet memories.  Every sunday after church that was the first thing she would make for me when we got home from church.  Several years ago, my grandmother gave me the pitcher and it sits a top a shelf above my fridge so family and friends can admire it, but it is always safe from harm.  The smaller of the two belonged to my great aunt Gracie.  Gracie is the baby sister of my great-grandmothers husband Clarence Evans.  First let me say that Gracie was the youngest of 7 and the ONLY girl.  She was full of spunk and meaness.  She was always pickin' at my grandpa and he at her.  I don't remember a time when they were together or even on the phone talking to each other that they weren't arguing.  
Both of these women were big parts of my life.  My great-grandmother taught me to cook, when to and not to pick vegetables from the garden.  (See earlier post on here for story), trust God, be a good mother, and LOVE.  The love that her and my grandfather shared was something you don't see everyday.  My great aunt taught me to sew, joke, play games on people and laugh.  She too also taught me how to cook.  Both women taught me how to crochett.  When I was a little girl, my great-grandmother taught me how to start it or "single chain" as they call it.  When I would get bored, I would sit and chain till I got tired and then rip it out and start all over.  One day when I was pregnant with my oldest son, my great aunt asked me if I wanted to learn how to make something with it instead of ripping it out.  So she showed me how to make a blanket.  So, I began making a baby quilt for my first child.  The night that I finally finished it, our electricity had gone out due to the weather.  So my grandmother got some old oil lanterns and I finished it like they would have in the old days.  It was kind neat to me to do it like that.  The funny part of this story is when I finished it, it fit a full size bed.  LOL!  My great aunt gave me the small pitcher when I moved into my first apartment after my divorce.  Shortly after that, she passed away.

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but instead by the number of moments that take our breath away"

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  1. What sweet rememberances and the love you have for your family shines.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. You sound like a very busy lady. Thanks for sharing.