Friday, February 20, 2009


WOW! I cant believe I got my very first AWARD. My award was given to me by Judith over at TENNESSEE MEMORIES if you have not had a chance to visit her, stop by and say hi. Now comes the job of Nominating some other wonderful bloggers....
My first award has to go to Creative Gene because if it had not been for me stumbling onto this blog, I would have never created my own. My second award goes to 100 Years in America by Lisa. This was the second reason I started my geneology blog. I found her through Creative Gene. And even though this person nominated me for this award, I have to return it to them as I love Tennesee Memories... my great-grandmothers family was from Tennessee and visiting this blog sent me back to a place that I just loved. I have never visited, but thought the photos and stories I felt as if I had always lived there. I stopped by and the first story I read was: " Dairy Farm in Maryville at the Foot of the Smokies... this story really brought back memories of when I was a little girl growning up on a little farm in Bell's Tx and the worst but whoopin' I ever got... "I forgot to close the gate and let all my great-grandpa's cows out". Even now, when I open a cattle gate, I go back to that day. Even though at that time, I thought I would die... I can actually laugh now. I wish my grandpa was here to see me now working with the cows... I love you GRANDPA for all that you taught me and all that you gave me. I never forgot! And the other blog that inspired me was.... Shades of the Departed at first, I didn't understand the title, until I began reading. I have been hooked on the stories and the photos. So to everyone who inspired me... THANK YOU!
Now for the instructions:
Instructions are as follows:
1. Copy the award to your site.
2. Link to the person from whom you received the award.
3. Nominate other bloggers.4. Link to those sites on your blog.
5. Leave a message on the blogs you nominate.


  1. Wow, Robin! What a tribute. Thanks so much. I never expected you to write so much about Tennessee Memories. But I certainly enjoyed it and had to read it to my husband. He was duly impressed. Have a great weekend full of blogging or enjoying your friends and family.

  2. Thanks for the good word, Robin. Your "Where I Come From" blog is getting off to a great start. Keep up the good work.

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