Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Friendly Bloggers Award

First I want to say THANK YOU to Gini over at Ginisology for honoring me with this award. Let me say that I have really enjoyed the group of friends that I have found doing this and have been able to "open my eyes" to new ways of searching for information and facts due to the Genealogy Blogging World I discovered earlier this year.

Now for passing the torch: My 7 Nominee's are.....

1. Creative Gene because "they are the one's that got me started"
2. Shades of the Departed
3. Judith over at Tennessee Memories
4. 100 Years in America
5. Graveyard Rabbit
6. Alana over at A Twig in My Tree
7. Terri over at The Ties That Bind

PS. This is not an easy task to decide who get's this award.


  1. Thanks to you, Robin, for this award. I'm so glad to have found you online as a genealogy "friend". Keep up the good work on your research and your blog!

    100 Years in AmericaSmall-leaved ShamrockA light that shines againCarnival of Irish Heritage & Culture

  2. Thank you so much, Robin! You are indeed a true friend here in the GeneaBlogger world. I've enjoyed your blogs and your open, honest way of writing. I appreciate your following my blogs.

  3. You are so welcome Robin, you deserve this award. I truly enjoy your blog.

  4. Hey Robin! fM did a fabulous job on your Work of Art! I just saw it and you look great. Look just like you belong in that long-ago time of our ancestors.