Thursday, April 16, 2009

John Ray Bardin 1909-1958


4 May 1909 ~ 14 August 1958

Recently I began researching the Bardin side of the family tree. Over the weekend I met John Ray and have been consumed with finding out what happened to him. I know that John was born in Johnston County, OK in 1909 and to John Pink Bardin and Jettie Viola Dudley Bardin. John was 4th of 12 children.

inscription reads:


World War II

On 15 April 1942 John enlisted in the Army and served in World War II. His enlistement Record states that he was a resident of Okmulgee County at the time and enlisted in Tulsa, Ok. He was single and had only a grammer school education. John Ray died in Santa Fe County, New Mexico but is buried in Henryetta, Okmulgee Co, Oklahoma at West Lawn Cemetary. I have searched for what the CPL 662 Port Co was or did or served and have found nothing on it at this time. John died young and would like to know why?


  1. CPL is an abbreviation for Corporal. This was his rank. 662 Port Co. TC was his unit. The 662, was the specific unit number and Port Co., is short for Port Company, which was the type of unit. A Port Company was what it looks like...they manned harbors and ports during the war, loading/unloading ships and that sort of thing. I'm not sure what the "TC" stands for.

  2. Incidentally, "TC" stands for Transportation Corps, which these Port Comapanie were part of. Port Companies were grouped together into Port Battalions, but I do not know which Battalion the 662 Port Company belonged to.