Monday, March 2, 2009

Childhood Memories

As a child I remembered meeting my Cousin Robin Rene' Cordell, for the first time in 1974,( I thought it was so cool to meet someone who was named after me) she was from Texas and had come to visit us the family, after the death of our Great Grama Jennie Faleris (YIYI) we called her.

This was the end of September, and our winters were never the same; one year we could get them in August and the next year they would come after Christmas. This year though they came while Robin was visiting. Our Grama had a Lilac tree in the middle of our front yard and when it started to snow Robin went outside and began running around the lilac tree yelling it's snowing Mama. I remember all the adults laughing, watching this beautiful little girl having so much joy in watching the snow fall.

That was the last time I seen or heard about Robin for many years. not knowing what she looked like, how she had grown, she was still in the hearts of her Grandparents Helen and James Faleris. I remember there was a picture of Robin she was about 7 months old that hung on the wall in our living room, for as long as I can remember. Robin and her sister Kristi were never far from the daily thoughts of Grama and Papa. There were years that there was a birthday cake made on the day of Robin and Kristi's birthday, when asked why were were having cake with candles we were told because it was a special day.
May times though out the years Grama would say I wish I could see my little angels one more time before I die. In 1995 is when I began my quest in finding Robin and Kristi. In June of 1998 I made a promise to Grama that I would find Robin and Kristi and told her how sorry I was that I was unable to do so while she was still alive. But in 2007 I fulfilled my promise and was able to tell Robin and Kristi that they were so very loved my Grama and Papa, and there was not a day that went by that They did not think of them. I want this to be my way to share with Robin and the world the love that they had in their hearts for her. The picture of the Lilac are from that same tree that Robin ran around when she was of the age of 5 or 6. Picture taken may years later, but that tree is still standing and every year since I found Robin and Kristi I go and take pictures of the Lilac tree and I send one in a email to Robin. So her childhood memories will go on.
Robin I hope that you know Childhood Dreams do come true, and I am so happy to have you in my life.

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  1. Rene, this is so beautiful. And thank you for the picture of Grama's lilac tree. You will never truly know how very much this means to me.