Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grandma's Hands

photo taken by:  Robin Inge
Jan 28, 2012

To most this is just a photo of a bunch of hands.
To me this is a photo of Love, Life and Family.

When you look at your hands; what do you see?
For most they see just a hand.
But for me I see the love that has held me when I was sad,
Strenght that has held our family together,
Determination to live,
Support when we were down,
Comfort when we were sick.

These hands have fed a family,
Held a friend in pain,
Hugged a child,
Worked to support a family,
been scrapped, bruised and  broken.

But what these hands have never done,


This photo is very special to me as it is a photo of my mother's, my grandmother's, mine and my granddaughter's.

Jaycee was born

October 25, 2011
1 lb 10.8 oz

Most thought she wouldn't make it, but through determination and sheer will she has thrived and proven everyone wrong against all odds. 

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