Friday, December 17, 2010

Advent Calendar~Stockings

My Christmas Stocking
photo by: Robin Inge
In participation with the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories .
I wanted to share my favorite Christmas Stocking.

The above photo is of my a stocking that was given to me 'bout 1975, by Angie Butler. At the time, my father was dating her and everyone loved her. This particular Christmas, Angie spent many hours making Christmas stockings for my sister and I. She said one day while riding on the ambulance she was finishing up one of our stockings and I don't remember what she said happened, but the sequences went everywhere. She told us her and her partner ahd to spend an hour cleaning them up.

The weekend she came up to give us our stockings, we spent it making Christmas Cookie Ornaments. I remember making Charlie Brown and Snoopy and candy canes and Christmas Tree's and Christmas Bells. We had them for several years until moisture got to them and ruined them.

My little sister has a stocking almost like it.

They have been hung every Christmas since.
That was the same Christmas Angie made Kristi and I our very own "Raggady Ann & Andy". I have always cherished both and still have them.

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