Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"Nana's Sugar Cookies" ~ Treasure Chest Thursday

My dad's favorite cookie has always been "Sugar Cookies".  For several years, I had made one special recipe out of one of my grandmother's cook books for him each Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Each time I made it, the cookies were as hard as rocks.  However, each time I made them he ate ever single one and never complained.  Finally, Nana discovered this recipe and it was instantly a hit.  Each time she would make them, she'd have to make sure my youngest son was not around, because he would eat them off the plate faster than she could scoop them off the cookie sheet.  Once she got them cooked, she'd have to make sure she put the first batch aside for my dad and then make another batch for Dustin.  This at times could be a very difficult task.  However, each and every cookie was always enjoyed.

Thanksgiving is a time for Sharing,
a time for family,
a time for giving thanks.....

Let's remember what is important in our lives and this Thanksgiving while we are around our families, take time time to get those special memories told. Write down grandma's pie recipe, or moms dressing recipe, or that secret ingredient we are missing.  While everyone is gathered around the table eating or in the kitchen cooking, jot down notes of memories that are shared from Holidays' past so that you may perserve them for future generations to enjoy.....

Happy Thanksgiving!
Love Robin


  1. I treasure my grandmother's and mother's recipes, too - have them in a file box on the kitchen counter. Your post reminded me of how much I like sugar cookies (so am taking note of your family recipe!) and to dig out my mom's Dundee cake recipe for Christmas.

    Found you through Geneabloggers, which I just rejoined after awhile away. Welcome to genealogy blogging and Geneabloggers :)

    Laura (Lidian)

  2. Isn't it wonderful to have these old hand-written recipes from our mothers or grandmothers?

    I see that you have been introduced over at Geneabloggers ~ great write-up, Robin. I feel I know so much more about you now. Have a great Christmas holiday.