Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Best Friends

In participation with the 100th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, I am submitting the following article:  "Best Friends".

Often times we overlook some of the important little things in our families such as "Our Pets".  If you have ever owned one, you know!  You know that they become intertwined with your family and your daily lives just as your mom, dad, siblings or any other member of your family.  The following is how my son's dog became a member of the "Inge Family".


For several months, Ronnie had been planting seed's into the mind of my youngest son that he needed a Beagle.  The reasoning behind this to him was simple.... Hunting!  Ronnie would tell Dustin about a Beagle he once owned named Sarg and what a great "Rabbit Dog" he was and all the many wonderful hours they spent hunting rabbits.  So, needless to say the story begins...

Dustin began looking everywhere for a Beagle. 
One afternoon I received a phone call at work from my son telling me he found a Beagle in the newspaper for $50.  He also informed me that all he wanted for his birthday was money.  I told him we would talk about it when I came home to change clothes for school. 
When I got home from work, Dustin was impatiently waiting for me on the porch and ready to pounce on me about the find in the paper.  He had already called the dog's owner to inquire about price and to ask him how long he would hold one because his Birthday was in 2 weeks and he would have the money.  Lucky for me the man told him he would hold one.  I told Dustin I would have to think about it because we didn't have a fenced yard and off to my night class I went.  When I arrived back around 9:30 that night, I came home to fencing laying on my porch so that I would trip over it.

"The fence he found out behind our house in the wooded area"

So, then I had to find another reason to throw him off track.  Therefore, I decided to tell him I didn't have the money for the pet deposit.  I would have to think about it.  The next day after school Dustin called and told me he had called the "LANDLORD" and talked to him and they made a deal where he could pay the deposit out since he was working mowing lawns each week.  What the heck do you say to that?

So, I told him I would talk to Ronnie and see what he said.  After talking to Ronnie he told me to hold off since he was out of town working and couldn't be there to help us put up a proper fence.  I passed the word along and needless to say Dustin was heart broken.

That weekend we had all planned a suprise pool party for Dustin's birthday and all his cousins and both of his grandmother's came to the party.  While the kids played the grandmother's and I stayed inside and talked.  One grandmother mentioned the puppy and asked me why Ronnie said no.  I told her he wasn't here to build a fence and he wanted to wait.  As they talked she mentions how hard Dustin had been working in school and that he deserved the dog.  So she had me call to see if the dog was still available.  We are in luck, there are still two puppies left.  About that time, Dustin comes in and the man down the street has decided to give him a dog kennel... with a dog house included.

"This is the Dog House and Kennel"

So off down the street Dustin's grandma sends all the kids to bring the kennel and dog house home.  They come back in a few minutes and Dustin said now the man wants to sell it for $60.  I go to say no and off they go again, this time with grandma on their side.  We all know how this is gonna turn out right?

You guessed it, when they arrive back at the house, grandma and Dustin have the kennel and dog house in the back of her truck and off we all go to see the puppies.  Before leaving we explain that we will decide if the puppies are ok to bring one home.  (now you all know he is gonna bring one home)

We drive all the way up into Oklahoma to see the puppy and instantly everyone falls in love.  Dustin and Raegan are both ewwing and awwing over the puppies.  Dustin decides on the fattest one of the bunch and tells the man:  "How much do you want for that one?"  The man tells Dustin he heard that he had worked very hard for that puppy and he was going to make him a deal.  He disappears into the barn and in a few minutes comes back out and gives the pup a shot.  He informs Dustin that he just gave him his first puppy shots and he needs to give him two more rounds.  He then informs Dustin that he was having a special today and he was going to take $20.00 off the asking price and he could have him for $30.00. 

 Dustin and his new pup

Dustin and his grandmother worked the next day to put together his dog pen and fix it up for the pup.  They also decided to name him "Copper"

What an awesome grandma...
Dustin working on the cage.
"Copper" (6 weeks old)
Since that day, Copper and Dustin have created a bond that will never be broken and they have become the "BEST of FRIENDS"


  1. What a wonderful story!! Dustin certainly sounds like an industrious young man ~ I love the fact that he even called the landlord to work out the pet deposit issue. Of course I am a dog person so I was glad to see the story had a good ending...with a dog!

  2. Every boy needs a dog and every dog needs a boy! Great story!

  3. Looked like Copper helped out as well. great story thanks for sharing.

  4. Great story! You know they really, really want a dog if they are willing to go to such lenghts!

  5. What a wonderful story! You have a special, loving, giving family. Good Luck with your pup, Dustin, he will bring you much joy!