Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday~Happy Birthday Dustin

My Treasure Chest today is filled with the memories of my youngest son's birth and all the memories he has provided me the last 14 years of his life.  Today is his 14th Birthday and I wanted to share a little of those with friends and family.


born:  9 Sept 1996
Place:  Wilson Jones Hospital,
Sherman, TX
Time: 6:32 am
Weight:  8 13.2 lbs
Length:  21.5 in

I was so glad when this day finally came!  For most of the time I carried you, you sat on my kidney or pussed up against my rib cage.  Every night when I finally decided to go to bed, you decided to wake up.  You were causing problems before you ever got here and your still full of spunk now.

photo by:  Chris Franka aka "Papa Chris
April 15, 1998

This was taken at Destiny's First Birthday! We had such a great time that day with the two of you.  Ever since the two of you were born, you've been connected at the hip. 

photo by: Chris Franka aka "Papa Chris
Fall of 1997

This was a regular hangout for the family when Papa and Granny lived in Ft. Worth.  I laughed one day when we were there and Uncle Larry informed all the kids that "Alligators" lived in the creek just below the deck on the patio and were waiting for little children to fall over so they could get fed.  After that, no one ever climbed on the railing, but you always got ALMOST to the railing and would try to look over to see if there were really "ALLIGATORS" down there.  It wasn't until you were much older that you realized that was just a big joke.

photo by:  Chris Franko aka "Papa Chris"
April 15, 1998
"Destiny's First Birthday Party"!

photo by:  Chris Franko aka "Papa Chris"
abt 1999
McKinney, TX
"First Fish"

This is probably one of my favorite photos!

Dustin's grandma had taken him fishing and while she was helping the other kids, he couldn't wait to get his hook in the water and figure out what was going to happen.  All he knew was everyone else was doing it.

Dustin took his pole, without any bait on the hook and tossed it in the water.  Before  Granny Cissy knew it, you were screaming and jumping up and down and when she looked over at you, you had caught your first fish all by your self!

As you can tell, your pretty proud of it too!

Barwise Junior High
7th Grade


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  1. Birthday wishes from California Dustin...have a great day!!