Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sentimental Sunday

Grace Evans-Thompson
Born:  15 September 1907, Dessert, Collin, TX
Died:  27 May 2001, Sherman, Grayson, TX
Buried:  Leonard Cemetery, Leonard, Fannin, TX

Married to:  Marion Ray Thompson
5 Oct. 1924

Aunt Gracie was a "tot"!  Being the youngest of  of seven children and the "ONLY" girl, she learned how to take care of herself.  Even as a little girl, I remember watching her give my great-grandfather fit's all the time.

photo property of:  Robin Inge
Date:  5 Jun 1947, Leonard, Fannin, Texas, USA
This photo is of Aunt Gracie and her brothers at their Mother Anthaline Beasley-Evans' Funeral at Leonard Cemetery in Leonard.
In this picture:   Left to right: Ervin, Clarence, Ray, Gracie, Lawrance, Archie Evans

  My favorite memories are of visiting Aunt Gracie's house in Leonard out on 5035, renamed "Raggedy Ann Ln, for her 90th birthday.  Her Daughter Anthaline, had gotten a bunch of signatures for neigbors and took it to the City for approval.  Until her death, a big Raggedy Ann sign stood on the corner.  Aunt Gracie's Signature Doll that everyone from all over came to see and buy were her Raggedy Ann Dolls.

photo by:  Robin Inge
Home of Marion and Grace Evans Thompson

I couldn't get any closer to the house, because the gate is locked and someone else is living there now.  But this is the house that Aunt Gracie lived in up until abt. August 1996. To the far left is her craft room. 

photo taken by:  Robin Inge
Created by:  Grace Evans Thompson

photo taken by: Robin Inge
Created by: Grace Evans Thompson

Before Aunt Gracie passed away, I was priveledge to be given two very special afagans that she had made and I had always played with as a child.  Each of these afagan's where created when I was a little girl and are apart of the past that reminds me of "Where I Came From".  I can still remember seeing them on the back of the chair in the living room or drapped across her bed. 
Aunt Gracie had a gift for "creating"....
Even has her health began to fail and her hands hurt from Artheritis, she still found comfort in sewing and creating.  After I was grown and pregnant with my first son, I received my first sewing lesson from Aunt Gracie and she and I would spend hours playing and creating.  Those are very special memories and times I was able to share before she left and I will always remember all the love that she shared with me through her gift of sewing and dolls.

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  1. What neat afghans! And I have so many Brinlees and Normans from Fannin County, many of whom were born and died in Leonard!