Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sentimental Sunday: Happy Anniversary

photo taken: shortly after they married
property of:  Robin R. Inge
Alma Elizabeth Clark-Evans
 Clarence Evans
14 August 1922
Desert, Collin, TX

Eighty-eight years ago, in front of the preacher's house in Desert, Tx my great-grandfather took Alma Elizabeth Clark to be his wife.  I'm told that, they pulled up to the house in a horse drawn buggie and he came outside and married them on the spot.  The preacher took a picture and to this day, no one knows where it is. 
My grandfather told me many a time that his father had told him and his brother's that if they would wait till they turned twenty-one, he would give them each $1,000 on their wedding day as a wedding gift.  Well, Papa said no problem, and he did just that.  Let's face it, in 1922 that kind of money went a long way.... "Bread $.05, Milk $.25, a Movie $.025". 
My great-grandmother stayed at home and took care of the home while my great-grandfather delivered "ICE" back when they had real "ICE BOXES".  I still have his "Ice pick and Ice Tongs" that he used to deliver to his customers.  Later we worked for the lumber yard.  After he sold the farm in Bells, he began delivering newspapers for the "Herald Democrate" newspaper.  I can rememember helping role the papers and load them up in papa's "GREEN" Nova and delivering papers after school.  I think the most memerable thing about delivering the papers, where the old "Wooden Bridges" that he had to cross and it always terrified me to cross.  I would lay down in the front floor board until he told me crossed.  I was always afraid we would fall into the creek, but thankfully we never did.
I remember my great-grandparents always sitting down on Saturday Evenings and watching the Hee-Haw Show and Lawrence Welk and dinner was always served at the table and we all sat down as a family.  On Sunday mornings, we would always go to church and afterwards my grandmother would always come home and fix Sunday Lunch.  You could bet on a few extra people showing up afterwards for lunch.  No matter who showed up for dinner or how many, my great-grandmother always managed to have enough for everyone and no matter what it was, it was always a hit.
My great-grandmother passed away on Sept. 8, 1978 after loosing her battle to cancer.  However, no matter how much she hurt, or how bad she felt, she always managed to keep a smile on her face.  Papa, always told her he loved her and he was always pickin' at her and teasing her.  Even after 56 years, you could always see the love they shared between them. 
My great-grandfather lived another twenty years after my grandmother passed, but not a day went by that he didn't think of her.  I alway knew that they loved each other and as a little girl I always dreamed of finding the love like what they shared.

photo taken for their 50th Wedding Anniversary
property of: Robin R. Inge

My great-grand parents taught me the meaning of love, family and life....

To Alma Elizabeth and Clarence Evans
"Love is Patient"
Thanks for teaching me...
Happy Anniversary

Love your Great-Granddaughter



  1. Happy Anniversary Alma Elizabeth and Clarence Evans!

  2. Wonderful warm post, thanks for shareing. It's good to hear about warm wonderfully loving couples.