Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Old, unused, useless, dust collector...
Gone, the days of grandma in the kitchen,
Cooking from sun up, till sun down;
Gone are the sounds of Papa calling for dinner;
Gone are the days of that sweet smell coming from her kitchen....

Once upon a time, this ordinary looking gadget, had it's place in my great-grandma's kitchen.
Grandma would grind her meat for whatever dish she happened to be preparing,
"A dash of this, a pinch of that", she would tell me as she taught me the basics of cooking.
Every word she spoke, every pinch of salt, every dash of nutmeg did I burn into my memory.
Gone are the days of "Red Beans" (Pinto Beans for the city folk), cooking, with me hoovering over the pot.

But the memories of my great-grandmother in the kitchen have never left my thoughts.
Grandma Evans, was the best cook I know.  There wasn't anything she couldn't make....
...well maybe just one thing, (Meat Loaf).  But everything else always came out just right.

I'm sure the angels in heaven are eatting in style tonight,
because grandma is cooking them up a feast, fit for the king.
So unbutton your wings, loosen that halo, cuz grandma's
got chocolate cake for desert.

As a little girl, my best memories of my great-grandmother are of her in the kitchen.  Not a day went by that she didn't make a meal truly fit for a king.  No matter how many people showed up unexpected, no matter what she had on for dinner, she always managed to have plenty.

This meat grinder belonged to:
Alma Elizabeth Clark-Evans
26 Dec 1903 - 8 Sept 1978
Thanks for all the memories...

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