Saturday, February 13, 2010


Opening Ceremonies:  Saturday, February 13, 2010
Closing Ceremonies:  Saturday, February 28, 2010

1.  Go Back and Cite Your Sources (Participating)
2.  Back up You Data (Participating)
3.  Organize your Research (Participating)
4.  Expand You Knowledge (Participating)
5.  Write, Write, Write (Participating)
6.  Reach Out & Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness (Participating)

I have choosen my first event (GO BACK AND CITE YOUR SOURCES) because while I have a lot of information, I don't have all of it cited properly or even cited at all.  So, I need to spend some time making sure that I have everything documented properly.  I plan to organize my documents by types and then going from there to cite properly.  I need to go check out "How to Cite Sources by John Wiley before I get started and make some notes to see how each type of source is correctly documented.

Second I choose (BACK UP YOUR DATA) because sadily to say:  " I HAVE NO INFORMATION BACKED UP"!  So If there were to be a fire, flood or some other random act of Mother Nature (like maybe the roof cave in due to the weight of the snow) I would loose EVERYTHING!  That would not be a good thing.  Recently I added a new antivirus software to my computer and it comes with secure online data storage for backing up files.  So the first thing I plan to do is create a back up and store it at the online site.  The next thing I will do is back up all my photos to CD's and place them in a fireproof safe at my moms house.  I will also back them up on my flashdrive and my external drive.  Recently my mom's computer obtained a virus and she may have lost all her family research documents and photos if the computer guy can't extract the files.  (NOT GOOD)!  My next chore is to get all my photos scanned in and organized for safe keeping.  For the last three years all photos have been digital, but I have some that are not and trust me I will cry if I loose them, because some of the photos are 100+ years old. 

Now for the (ORGANIZE YOUR RESEARCH)!  This one is going to be a challenge, but I know I can do it.  While I have spend the last three solid years doing major research and taking notes; I have not organized them into any sort of logical system.  I have nots on notebook papers, napkins, tablets and you name it.  So I need to get a comprehensive list of what I have and go from there.  I plan on starting a spreadsheet or database that will tell me exactly what documents I have and what I still need for each individual.

Now (EXPAND  YOUR KNOWLEDGE)... this one is going to be good.  Last Christmas, I actually started venturing outside of the box.  Up until Christmas 2008, I had only researched that information which I could find within the walls of the site.  If it wasn't there, then I didn't have it or know it exsisted.  While talking to my grandmother one day I realized I didn't know where she was born.  So, I asked the simple question:  "Grandma, Where were you born?"  She replied:  "Delba, TX".  Yeah, that was my reaction too.  I had no clue where it was.  So when I asked she informed me it was close to Sherman, TX, but it no longer exsisted because it was leveled by a tornado.  So I began researching the town and sure enough a massive tornado had destoryed everything in its path and Delba was no more.  The only thing that stands there now is a little cemetary.  Since that day, I have discovered other sources of information and learned to think outside of the " Box".  So this challenge will be fun.

Now for the WRITE, WRITE, WRITE catagory!  I have been so wrapped up in school work, I have lost touch with my blog.  So this one will help get me jump started to get something going.  I plan on completeing at least 3 of the 52 Weeks to Better Genealogy Challenge for this one.

Lastly, we have the Reach Out & Perform Genealoical Acts of Kindness.  WOW!  What an easy one this is.  Everyday, someone in the Genealogical World, others are helping perfect strangers to find some long, lost dead realitive and never thinking twice about the time spend searching.  This one will be a fun too.  I plan on doing some searching for headstone markers for Find-a-Grave and I alo want to reknew my offer to look up obituaries here in Wichita Falls.

So, grab your morning coffee, slippers, blanket and snuggle up and get ready for the fun and excitement of the Winter 2010 Geneablogger Games! 

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